CYTOGEN™ is the birth child of tens of thousands of hours of learning, creating, researching, and understanding how the endocannabinoid system works when supplemented with exogenous cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC, and of course, the acidic variants of these botanical compounds.

CYTOGEN™ is also the byproduct of hundreds of health professionals openly discussing best practices and gleaning from the latest research for obscure, hard-to-treat health conditions. 

It is vital to understand that even the world’s best ingredients can be harmful and toxic to the body if it cannot absorb them. One of the main reasons why CYTOGEN™ formulas have been so respected and preserved over the centuries is that they are entirely absorbed by the body and do not leave toxic accumulation or create adverse side effects. These formulas revitalize and completely animate the cells, increasing circulation, removing blockages, and allowing all organs to function at their ideal level. This leads to the healthiest condition possible.

CYTOGEN™ products are developed and formulated with high quality organic ingredients, supported by science and research. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality, highest concentration and CBD-rich organic hemp oil available. Made with 100% natural and pure extracts, Global Health Brands (manufacturer of CYTOGEN™) has partnered with farmers of generations who have grown hemp for decades, where the soil and climate are impeccable. Honoring superior quality and safety, our industrial hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Global Health Brands has all products tested by an ISO / IEC authorized laboratory at three separate points throughout the product development cycle to ensure that cannabinoid levels are constant and free of heavy metals and other possible contaminants. We guarantee superior quality and pure products at all times.

Many health professionals are no longer content with prescribing drugs that only control symptoms. Instead, they are exploring and addressing the root causes. Increasingly, they are choosing to use science-based food supplements that address underlying issues without unwanted side effects. The CYTOGEN™ line was developed to support doctors and other professionals who have the best interest of their patient and are committed to better health and well-being. These products cannot be found anywhere else, as each formulation uses carefully selected ingredients and is always manufactured in therapeutic levels and potencies. In addition, all label and add-in panels have been carefully inspected to meet strict compliance guidelines. CYTOGEN™ branded products are legal and sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

CYTOGEN™ Products:

ISO-Cannabinoid CBD Salve

ISO-Cannabinoid Roll-On Gel

Broad Spectrum Neuro Formula CBD Tincture

ISO-Cannabinoid CBD Wellness Tincture