AWG Brand Partnerships

Cannabidiol Life

Your health has a direct effect on the quality of your life. When your body is working as it should and sickness is eradicated, the quality of your life will progressively get better and better and better. Cannabidiol Life’s sole reason for existence is to educate and help others improve their quality of life through natural and holistic remedies as well as premium CBD products. All Cannabidiol Life products are extracted using US Patented Technology, USDA Certified Organic, GMP Certified, and are NON-GMO MCT oil derived from coconuts.

Hemp, Mind & Body

Since the beginning, Hemp Mind and Body has been built on our two core values: purity of product and customer service. Our inherent pledge to creating innovative, natural products and our belief in the highest quality possible have differentiated our products from any other CBD products on the market since day one.

Hemp Mind and Body offers a unique selection of premium all-natural, CBD infused products, made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, promises unrefined, chemical free, and mineral rich varieties.

Aevum Therapy

Aevum Therapy spent over 7 years in development and emerged with the most advanced nanogold fabrication process possible. This process is far more complex and superior to normal nanogold processes and far less expensive. Aevum’s patented transdermal CBD patches use a specialty adhesive delivery system which enables the active ingredient to flow (diffuse) through the skin directly into the bloodstream. Each patch can provide up to 48 hours of relief while avoiding repeat dosing and any product breakdown within the GI tract.

Compassionate Certification Centers

Dr. Doner is the co-founder of Compassionate Certification Centers, a physician-founded medical cannabis health care organization with over 60,000 active patients. Our hemp derived THC-FREE CBD products are made in the USA with high quality botanical oils derived from organic, all-natural ingredients. Our suppliers of hemp extracted products have advised that they are in strict compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.